Friday, November 5, 2010

Private Gluten Free Cooking Classes

Karen Ore shared some information with me on private cooking classes and I wanted to pass it along. This could be a great Christmas present or just a fun night with some friends.

Enjoy a private cooking class in the comfort of your home. Learn techniques and recipes from menus that are customized for you and your family/friends.

Cuisines to choose from:

Gluten free and allergy friendly (baking and cooking)
Flexitarian (adapting for vegetarians and meat eaters)
Indian (southern India and/or vegetarian)

Classes are scheduled on a first come first served basis. A deposit of $15.00 per person to cover food costs is appreciated one week before the agreed upon class date. Any changes, especially to the number of participants or menu items, must be approved by Karen and may incur an additional charge.

Class price is $30.00 per hour per person taking the class, which includes food costs for the meal that is prepared during class, demonstration and hands-on cooking instruction, background information about the cuisine, resources for locating ingredients, and a printed recipe booklet.

For people not participating in the class (family members for friends) who want to join you for the meal, there is a $25.00 per person charge. Maximum class size is usually 6 people, please discuss your preferred class size with Karen when scheduling. If the class location is more than 10 miles from downtown Bozeman a travel charge will be applied to the total fee.

The meals generally consist of: an appetizer, main dish, side dishes, and a dessert. There will be variations depending on the cuisine and menu chosen.

After the meal is prepared everyone sits down together to enjoy the food. Karen provides all food items and the host or hostess is responsible for providing beverages.

Gift Certificates are available.

To discuss options and to schedule classes please call Karen at 406-586-9186 or e-mail

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