Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gluten Free Cake from Sola Cafe

Thrown into the busy Christmas season was my In-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  50 years is an amazing milestone and we had a great family gathering at Fairmont to celebrate.  I was in charge of bringing the cake and I knew I wouldn't have time to bake something and fuss over it so I ordered a gluten free red velvet cake from Sola Cafe.  Not only was it beautiful but it was delicious.  I expected it to be really rich but it wasn't, it was a perfect cake.  If you need a cake for any occasion give them a call, they were very helpful.

Sola also has an assortment of Christmas cookies for sale, I caved and bought a pack and man were they delicious.  We ate them before I could get a picture.  The scale wasn't too kind to me afterwards but I enjoyed every bite.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gluten Free Bake Sale - Bozeman

I hope you all are surviving the Holiday Season, I know I'm in shock Christmas is in two weeks! 

The Montana Celiac Society is having their Annual Gluten Free Bake Sale tomorrow, Saturday the 10th from 11am-2pm at Oak Street Natural Market.  Stop in to purchase some gluten free treats or to donate some of your own gluten free treats to help them raise some money.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Udi's Gluten Free Store Sampling

Darrin (thanks!) shared some information with me regarding Udi's store sampling events that will be going on this Saturday,  November 12th.  Udi's will be sampling their gluten free foods from 11am-5pm at the locations below, stop in to try some tasty treats.

Albertsons in Belgrade, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, Lewistown, Livingston, and Missoula.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is your Thanksgiving turkey gluten free?

I attended the GF talk last week at Vera Fare and one of the comments that was brought up was whether store bought turkey breasts are gluten free or not.  Some companies would inject a basting solution in turkey to get them extra juicy, the downfall was that this solution sometimes contained gluten.  From the searches I've done on turkey breasts and reading ingredient lists in stores I think most companies have moved away from this procedure probably due to being better informed about gluten intolerance and Celiac disease.

I personally like to purchase a local Hutterite turkey every year since I know it's free of anything bad, MSG and gluten included.  If you want to take this route you can find Hutterite turkey's locally at Heeb's East Main Grocery, Rosauers, Town & Country Foods, Van's County Market, The Meat  Shoppe, Lee & Dad's IGA, and Pioneer Meats in Big Timber.  There may be more but this is what I could find online.

Below is the information I found from each company regarding their turkey breasts gluten free status.  Always be sure to read the ingredient list to verify the turkey breast you are purchasing is safe, we know we have enough to worry about to ensure we have a gluten free Thanksgiving.

Butterball - They will label on the ingredient list if their products contain any of the top 8 allergens.  The only turkey breast they have that DOES contain gluten is the frozen stuffed turkey.  Their gravy has been reformulated to eliminate gluten, but certain gravy packets may still contain gluten and it will be listed on the ingredient statement.

Foster Farms - Their fresh natural turkey is gluten free.

Honeysuckle White - All of their products are free of MSG.  Their turkey breast products that DO contain gluten are Asian Grill Marinated Turkey Strips and Teriyaki Flavor Turkey Breast Tenderloin.

Jennie-O - Only two of their products were listed gluten free on their webpage, the All Natural Fresh Whole Turkey and the Premium Basted Whole Turkey-Fresh.

Norbest - All of their turkey products are completely free of gluten from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or their derivatives.

Perdue - They have a lot of GF items on their list but these were the top that ARE safe.  Hickory smoked turkey breast, Oven roasted turkey breast, Honey smoked turkey breast, Mesquite smoked turkey breast, and Whole turkeys seasoned with broth.

Shadybrook Farms - All of their products are free of MSG.  Majority of their products do not contain gluten but their Teriyaki Flavor Turkey Breast Ternderloins DO contain gluten.

Once you have a GF turkey be sure, if someone else is baking your turkey, that gluten containing flour is not used in the turkey bag if a bag is used and that it is not stuffed with a gluten filled stuffing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dine & Learn at Vera Fare - Gluten Free Awareness Night

Vera Fare is hosting a Dine & Learn on Thursday November 3rd from 7:00-8:00pm.  This is the information from the flyer.

Gluten-free life coach Janelle Holden will be sharing her approach to dealing with allergies and how she helps others to find a healthy lifestyle.

There will be time after the talk for open and private discussions

Vera Fare will provide completely gluten-free food and drinks for purchase, entrance is free.

If you are interested stop in at 2251 W Kagy Blvd.

You can find more information on Janelle at The Gluten Free Life Coach.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WeeBee's Cafe - Gluten Free Options

WeeBee's Cafe in Bozeman now has gluten free options listed on their menu.  They have a grain next to the menu items that are gluten free or can be made gluten free.  I've been waiting for them to jump on board!

WeeBee's is located at 407 S Ferguson Ave and you can check out their menu here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Corner Stone Deli - Gluten Free options in White Sulphur Springs

This little tidbit came as a bit of a surprise to me but Whilte Sulphur Springs has gluten free options.  The Corner Stone Deli has gf sandwiches available and the reviews online are superb.  If you find yourself in that area give them a try.

They are located at 11 E Main.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I-Ho's Korean Grill - Gluten Free Options

On my way home from work yesterday I heard a radio ad for I-Ho's and perked up when they said they now have gluten free options.  I loved eating at I-Ho's before I went gluten free and I'm very excited to see what they have for GF options.  If you try them out before I get a chance please share what they have and what you think.

I-Ho's Korean Grill is located at 1216 W Lincoln St.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Roasted Potato Salad

My CSA shares brought a lot of potatoes into my life and they came in very handy when we needed to bring a side dish to a BBQ.  I love the standard potato salad that is mayo based but I wanted something a bit different to try and fell in love with this recipe.  It has a nice tang to it and since it doesn't have mayo you can serve it warm or room temperature and there isn't any worry about it going bad.  I think I'm going to make it for a BBQ we have this weekend, probably our last really warm weekend of the year.

Roasted Potato Salad
Adapated from Tasty Kitchen

3 pounds potatoes, cut into small wedges
1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1/3-1/2 C olive oil
1 t salt
1/2 t pepper
3 T balsamic vinegar
3 T lemon juice
2 T dijon mustard, I love the sweet & spicy mustard for this
2 t granulated sugar
2 t dried dill

Preheat your oven to 425 F.

Combine the potatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, & pepper in a baking dish, I prefer my stoneware for this.  The amount of olive oil I use is based on how much it takes to sufficiently cover the potatoes to keep them from sticking to the pan.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the potatoes are tender and lightly browned.

In a bowl whisk together the balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, sugar, and dill.  Add to the potatoes after you remove them from the oven mixing well.  Serve straight out of the oven or at room temperature.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nicole's Banana Chocolate Chip Cookes - Egg Free

My friend Nicole (Hi!) gave me a batch of these delicious and moist cookies along with the recipe. I will admit I ate most of them, it was an addictive "I just can't stop eating them" sort of thing and it keeps happening everytime I make them. But afterall they do have bananas in them so they're healthy, right?

These are so easy to whip together and they are soft and moist. They are egg free which I didn't realize until I had mixed the dough and they turn out spectacular. It reminds me of a banana bread cookie, yum! The dough will be very wet but it's OK they keep their shape well on the cookie sheet. Give them a try and see if you can only have one.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

From Nicole

2 ripe mashed bananas

1/4 C olive oil

1/4 C honey or maple syrup

1/2 t vanilla

1 C gluten free rolled oats

2/3 C brown rice flour, or your favorite flour

1/4 t baking soda

1/2 C unsweetened coconut

pinch of salt

1/2 C chocolate chips, I used the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks*

Preheat your oven to 350 F.

In a bowl mix all of the ingredients. Place on a cookie sheet and abke for 15 minutes. They are great straight out of the oven.

*The dairy free chocolate chunks are at Rosauer's Huckleberry Market

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Bison Grill - Missoula

A reader (thanks Mark!) sent me an e-mail about a new restaurant in Missoula that has a gluten free menu. It is Blue Bison Grill located in the histroic Stockman's bar at 123 W. Front St.

Their waitress is gluten free and has helped build the menu and practices for safely serving gluten free food.

If you haven't tried them yet be sure to stop in!

They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-10pm. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Devilled Eggs - Ya love 'em or ya hate 'em

With BBQ season almost at an end, not that we ever really stop BBQing unless it's -20F and takes too long to cook the meat, we have one more weekend packed full of the BBQ foods. I know a lot of people don't like devilled eggs but a lot of people LOVE them and I am part of that crowd. My girl is right there with me and requested these little babies for her birthday. They are quick and easy and if you love eggs give them a try.

Devilled Eggs

From Better Homes & Gardens

6 eggs

1/4 C mayo

1 t mustard, I like Woeber's Sweet & Spicy Mustard

1 t vinegar


Hard boil the eggs. I bring them to a rolling boil and boil for 10 minutes. Rinse in cold water then peel the shell off the eggs.

Cut the eggs length-wise and place the egg yolks in a small bowl. Add the mayo, mustard, and vinegar to the bowl and mix well. Put the egg yolk mixture in a sandwich bag. Cut a small piece off a corner and squeeze the mixture into the egg whites. Sprinkle with paprika and watch them disappear.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CSA 1/2 Summer Shares Available

Here's a beautiful picture of this week's CSA share through Madison Meadowlark CSA. I picked up two of these since I get a full share and I think I lugged about 10 pounds of vegetable to my office, it was a workout. We have peas, swiss chards, beets, pepper, broccoli, carrots, zuchinni, kohlrabi, potatoes, onions, leaf and head lettuce, and cabbage. It's veggie mania!

If you are interested in trying the CSA for the rest of the summer I have good news. The harvest this year is very promising so they are offering late summer 1/2 shares. You can start today for $220 or next week for $200. If you are interested contact Maleesha at maleesha13@gmail.com She can also be found at the pick up location at Right Now Technologies parking lot, they will be there until 4:00pm.

If you want to get the box above they are selling extras for $25 a pop.

Picture courtesy of Maleesha at Madison Meadowlark CSA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gluten Free Pizza in Polson, MT

The Cove Deli & Pizza in Polson, MT now offers gluten free pizza crust using Gluten Free Mama's pizza mix. I didn't see anything about it on their menu but be sure to give them a try if you find yourself on the Flathead this summer.

The Cove is located at 11 3rd Ave West.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Want to try a CSA share?

If you are interested in a CSA and would like to sample a share you can pick up an extra share for $20 until 4pm today. Madison Meadowlark CSA works with a Hutterite Colony and they have a spectacular share this week and are selling pallets (have to take the whole thing) along with honey, eggs, chickens, etc.

This weeks pallet has:
Head Lettuce
Leaf Lettuce
Red Potatoes

If you want to give it a try you can find them at Right Now Technologies at 136 Enterprise Blvd in Bozeman. You will see the white truck with a blue canopy just south of the first building.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Cakes

I've mentioned before that my kid's birthdays are 14 days apart. This means the month of July, my busiest at work of course, is packed full of baking and decorating. I enjoy it but at the same time I stress out. The perfectionist in me rears her ugly head.

Since the cakes take so much work I have to share them. My boy celebrated his 5th birthday and Star Wars was the theme. He really likes the Dark Side.

My girl on the other hand is a HUGE Tinkerbell fan. Who can blame her a cute little fairy that is a bit of a tomboy. The decorations on the cake were painted on with a glitter, clear vanilla extract, and pink food coloring mixture. The pictures don't quite do it justice.

Both cakes were my chocolate cake recipe and the frosting is my creamy white frosting recipe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smiling Moose Deli - Another Gluten Free Option

I have heard of a new restaurant with gluten free options from a couple of my friends so I have to share it with everyone else. The Smiling Moose Deli offers sandwiches and soups that are or can be prepared gluten free. I don't have any other details on the food and I do not know what practices they follow to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen. Be sure to check they are up to your standards if you stop in to give them a try.

The Smiling Moose Deli is located at 2631 West Main in Bozeman and they can be reached at 406-585-2922.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhubarb Jello Salad

My rhubarb abundance isn't going away, it's not a bad thing I just feel a bit guilty that I can't use it all up. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm doing my best to focus on the positive that I can just keep enjoying my rhubarb and I still need to freeze some to hold me over through this winter. I was a bit apprehensive about trying this recipe but it was easy and the family loved it, much more so than I expected. I think it's the big chunks of strawberry that really sold them on this recipe.

Rhubarb Jello Salad

From Allrecipes

4 C rhubarb, cut in 1/4" slices

1 1/2 C water

1/2 granulated sugar

1 6oz package jello (strawberry, cherry, and raspberry are all very good)

1 C orange juice

1 C strawberries, sliced

Put the rhubarb, water, and sugar in a large saucepan and cook over medium-high heat until the rhubarb is tender. Remove from the heat and add the jello stirring until dissolved. Add the orange juice then allow to sit and cool until it's a bit syrupy. Add the strawberries then pour into a bowl or mould and place in the refrigerator until set.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Balsamic Glazed Strawberries

My summer has been whizzing by with birthday parties and BBQ's and of course lots of delicious food. This dish is quick to whip together and a crowd pleaser. I know it sounds like a strange combination but it's worth a try and you won't be disappointed.

Balsamic Glazed Strawberries

Fresh strawberries, cut in half (about 16oz)

2 T balsamic glaze

2 T granulated sugar
Black pepper, freshly ground to taste

Place the strawberries in a bowl and drizzle with the balsamic glaze and sugar. Stir to coat the strawberries evenly and allow to sit for about an hour. Grind black pepper over the strawberries before serving. I don't put a lot of pepper on them but about 10 grinds makes me happy.

The balsamic glaze I use is from Olivelle. It's great on steak and with my grilled polenta w/ bruschetta recipe.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Grain Free Salmon Cakes - GF & DF too!

Salmon cakes are a staple in our house and I love the leftovers, they're so good cut up and served with salad greens, mmm. I've mentioned that I'm avoiding all grains and my standard salmon cake recipe calls for GF bread crumbs so I had to come up with a grain free alternative. Two tries in and I was a happy camper, this is my new standard recipe for salmon cakes.

Salmon Cakes - Grain Free

3 cans of wild Alaskan salmon - skinless & boneless

1/4 C onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 T dried parsley

1/4 C almond meal

3 dashes of red pepper flakes

4 T mayo

1 T dijon mustard

1 egg

Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and shape into 2 inch patties. Heat a skillet to medium-medium high heat (325 degrees) and spray with cooking spray. Cook the patties on each side for about 3-4 minutes or until browned. Serve with tartar sauce, ranch, or wasabi mayo, mmm. No one will ever know that these are gluten, dairy, and grain free.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flourless Chocolate Espresso Torte - Sweet Pea Bakery Review

My birthday showed up on Tuesday and I originally planned to have strawberries and whipped cream for dessert since I'm trying to avoid grains, which by the way is not so easy. When Hubby showed up with a boxed dessert I was a little worried but he did me right and picked up a GF Flourless Chocolate Espresso Torte from the Sweet Pea Bakery.

Not only was it pretty but it was a dense and rich piece of deliciousness. Hubby found the espresso flavor to be too much for him, he is not a coffee fan, but the girl and I enjoyed our slices. I think my boy isn't a big espresso fan either. Silly guys!

Sweet Pea Bakery offers GF, vegan, and diabetic options and they are adding more to these menus as they perfect recipes. For GF options there the Opera cake, flourless chocolate tortes, cheescake, key lime torte, and shortbread tarts. Check out their webpage for all of their options

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Billings GF News

I have a couple new things for the Billings area including another gluten free pizza option. We'll start there since it involves a common love, pizza!

Strawhat Pizza in Billings offers a gluten free crust. I don't have any details on their practices to avoid cross contamination so be sure to check with them if you try their pizza. They are located at 1005 Shiloh Crossing Blvd and can be reached at 406-652-9800.

If you are in Billings, or can be in Billings, on July 16th Dr. Alessio Fasano will be presenting a talk on Celiac Disease. He is the Director of Celiac Research with the University of Maryland. The talk will be from 11:30-2:00 at the Billings Clinic Hospital in the Mary Alice Fortin Conference Center. I have a birthday party for my girl at that time so I won't be able to make it, wish I could!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dairy Free Pesto Asparagus & Shrimp

Some days I buy things on a whim and when I saw the fresh basil plants at Rosauer's I just could not resist. Their smell teased me the whole drive home and I realized this is a bouquet I'd be happy to receive any day.

I used to think I hated pesto. Maybe my first sampling was a bad batch but it was way too strong. I gave it another go a few years later and didn't mind it so much but it wasn't until I made my first homemade pesto that I fell in love. I could live off this stuff.

The last time I made pesto it was not dairy free but a small tweak resulted in a delicious dinner last night. The kids had two servings and if I hadn't mixed everything with pasta after I took my serving (I'm avoiding grains right now) I would have had more.

Pesto - Dairy Free

2 C fresh basil leaves

4 garlic cloves

1/2 C Vegan Parmesan Cheese (use real parm if you can)*

1/2 C Olive Oil

1/4 C pine nuts

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender and process until smooth and creamy.

*I used the Galaxy Vegan Grated Parmesan Cheese in the purple container. I've only seen it at Rosauer's in our area and it is in the refrigerated section.

Pesto Asparagus & Shrimp

Pesto, see recipe above

1 package GF pasta, I used Tinkyada spirals

1 lb asparagus spears, cut in 2 inch lengths

1 lb raw shrimp

2 T Olive Oil

2 dashes crushed red pepper

Cook the gluten free pasta according to the directions on the package.

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a pan then add the asparagus and cook until crisp tender. I had thin spears and it took me about 7-10 minutes to get them where I wanted them. Add the shrimp and crushed red pepper and cook until the shrimp is pink.

Drain the pasta once it's fully cooked and add the asparagus and shrimp to the pasta. Toss & coat with pesto and enjoy.

If you want to keep the heat down in the kitchen grill the asparagus and shrimp on the BBQ and skip the pasta. Easy peasey!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

49'er Diner & Rice Krispies Gluten Free

I was given a tip on a new GF restaurant offering in Livingston, thanks Lexxy! The 49'er Diner now offers GF pancakes and pizza. They are located at 404 E Park St. and you can reach them for details at 406-222-8204. If you try them share what you think.

The new gluten free Rice Krispies are now on shelves, I found a box at Lee & Dad's and picked it up interested to see if they had also removed the HFCS and they had! I haven't tried them yet but if it's something you miss be sure to grab a box and make sure it state gluten free on it because the original Rice Krispies are also on the shelf.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gingersnap Cookie Sandwiches

I've been baking a lot lately and I need to stop. It's not doing me any favors on the scale since I have a hard time resisting cookies, especially these.

They are too good but you have got to try them. The cookies are soft and chewy while the filling is creamed perfection. Give these gingersnap sandwiches a try but don't blame me for the results on the scale.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rudi's Vs. Udi's Hamburger & Hotdog Buns

Here's my family's comparison on Udi's vs. Rudi's. I think both brands offer great products and I'm happy to use either one. I prefer Udi's multigrain bread but Rudi's cinnamon raisin bread. It's all personal tastes but here's our comparison on two great companies.

Hamburger Buns

I was really excited to have a hamburger bun again but I've realized I enjoy eating my hamburgers without the bun. It's not as overly filling and I think it lets me taste and enjoy the toppings more. I will keep some on hand for the kids but I think I'm going to stay bun free on this one.

Udi's Whole Grain

4 buns/ package

I paid $.99/bun at Town & Country

180 calories/bun

5 g protein/bun

6 g fiber/bun

Rudi's Multigrain

4 buns/package

I paid $1.34/bun at Lee & Dad's - It's hard to compare price when it's at different stores

170 calories/bun

2 g protein/bun

2 g fiber/bun

I like the fiber and protein amounts in the Udi's buns better and they look more like traditional buns. The Udi's were the winner from my family, they were actually the favorite brand/type out of all of the buns. They have a nice texture and surprised all of us. The Rudi's have some seeds in them, not a lot, but I could see some picky kids not liking that. Mine didn't care and my boy actually preferred the Rudi's.

Hotdog Buns

Hubby was the most excited about these, he misses having a bun with his hotdog. Again the Udi's has more of a traditional look to it and is very thick. If you want a bun that is smaller and isn't too much for kids I would recommend the Rudi's bun. My kids didn't know what to do with so much bread with the Udi's.

Udi's Classic

6 buns/package

I paid$1.16/bun at Town & Country

160 calories/bun

4 g protein/bun

3 g fiber/bun

Rudi's Multigrain

4 buns/package

I paid $1.34/bun at Lee & Dad's

130 calories/bun

1 g protein/bun

2 g fiber/bun

The winner in our house was the Rudi's bun. It had a sweeter taste to it and I thought the Udi's bun was drier than the Rudi's.

So it looks like Udi's and Rudi's tied.

Strawberry Rhubarb Popsicles or Sorbet

I have a rhubarb mission. To try some new recipes I've been eyeing for years but have sadly made it to the bottom of my "these look delicious" pile. Also I have a lot of rhubarb I want to use.

I wanted something that would be light, quick, and cool. Ice cream came to mind and then I found this easy sorbet recipe. The first time I whipped it together we made popsicles and the kids loved them. The seond time I doubled the batch to make popsicles and sorbet. I like that I didn't have to deal with a dairy alternative and it is a tart yet sweet treat.

Strawberry Rhubarb Popsicles

Adapted from The Perfect Scoop

2 C rhubarb, cut into 1/2 inch pieces

2/3 C water

3/4 C sugar

1 1/2 - 1 3/4 C strawberries, sliced

Place the rhubarb, water, and sugar in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium low and simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. The rhubarb will be very tender and breaking apart. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature.

Put the strawberries and rhubarb mixture in a food processor or blender and puree until smooth. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze. If you don't have popsicle moulds you can pour it into small dixie cups and place in the freezer. After about 30 min, or when it can hold a popsicle stick upright, place a popsicle stick in the mixture and freezer until solid.

Sorbet Option

If you want to make a sorbet after blending the mixture place it in the refrigerator and chill thoroughly. Freeze it in your ice cream maker according to their instructions. You can enjoy it as soft serve immediately or freeze for a couple hours to enjoy the hardened version.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They're Here Too...

I was in Lee & Dad's IGA in Belgrade a couple days ago and spotted these little nuggets.

I haven't tried them yet but I do plan to do a taste comparison on the Udi's and Rudi's buns. From what I can see the Rudi's hot dog buns are smaller than the Udi's. This may be a better thing for my family since the buns seemed to be too much for my kids. The Rudi's hamburger buns don't look like "regular" buns as much as the Udi's do, if looks matter to you. Both packages contain 4 buns.

If you want to give these a try check out Rudi's webpage for a $1.00 off coupon on any of their bread.

Pictures are from the Rudi's website.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rhubarb Cookies

It took me a couple tries to get these cookies just right. The first time I tried them they were dry but this time was perfection. These cookies aren't too sweet and the tart from the rhubarb is a nice surprise. They are a hit in my house and if you like rhubarb they are worth a try.

Rhubarb Cookies
Adapted from Allrecipes

1 C shortening
1 1/2 C brown sugar, packed
2 eggs
3 C GF flour*
1 t xanthan gum
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
1 1/2 C diced rhubarb
1/2 C shredded coconut

Preheat your oven to 350 F.

In a mixing bowl cream together the shortening and brown sugar. Add the eggs beating well. In a seperate bowl sift together the flour, xanthan gum, baking soda, and salt. Slowly add the flour mixture to the creamed mixture.

Add the rhubarb and coconut and mix well. On a greased baking sheet scoop the dough about 2 inches apart and bake for 10 minutes or until the edges are starting to brown. Allow to cool for a couple minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.

*For the flour I used Jill's mix at Hey That Tastes Good. 1 C white rice flour, 1 C brown rice flour, 1/3 C tapioca starch, 2/3 C potato starch.

You can stop right here and enjoy these delicious cookies after they've cooled or you can take it one step further and frost these babies.

Cream Cheese Frosting

3 oz cream cheese, use Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese if you're DF

1 T butter, use Earth Balance if you're DF

3 t vanilla extract

1 1/2 C powdered sugar

1 drop red food coloring

In a bowl beat the cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and food coloring. Slowly add the powdered sugar and mix until smooth. Spread on top of the cookies and enjoy!

Again with the spacing issues! What is wrong wigh Blogger?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rhubarb Vanilla Sauce & Fruit Spring Rolls

Rhubarb season is in full force at my house. My rhubarb plant is HUGE and I have a couple rhubarb dishes to share. This sauce worked great as a dip for fruit spring rolls. A nice tart and sweet touch, yum! It would also be delicious on pancakes and ice cream.

Rhubarb Vanilla Sauce

Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens

2/3 C sugar

1/4 C water

1 vanilla bean (optional)

3 C sliced rhubarb

In a saucepan stir the sugar, water, and seeds from the vanilla bean. Bring it to a boil then add the rhubarb. Bring again to a boil and reduce the heat to medium-low. Cover and allow to simmer for about 5 minutes or until the rhubarb is soft. You can stir/mash the mixture at this point to get the rhubarb into smaller pieces. Serve warm or cooled, I opted for cooled with the spring rolls.

If you want to thicken it up a bit add about 2 t of rice flour at the end and incorporate well.

Makes about 2 C of sauce.

These fruit spring rolls are easy to whip together and are a nice light lunch or appetizer. My family aren't big fans of the rice wrapper texture. I know! They're crazy!

You can find spring roll wrappers at Oak Street Natural Market and at Rosauer's in the Asian aisle of the regular grocery section. I'm sure you can find them in other places but those are the ones I know of for sure.

Fruit Spring Rolls

20 rice wrappers (spring roll wrappers)

2 bananas, chopped

10 or so strawberries, chopped

1.5 C blueberries

Mix the chopped fruit and blueberries in a bowl and set aside. Wet a papertowel (wring out any water, you just want it damp) and place on your counter top, this will work as your surface to place the rice wrappers on. If you are making these a couple hours ahead of when you'll serve them then wet another papertowel and place on a cookie sheet. If you will be serving them right away just have your serving plate nearby.

Fill a cookie sheet with sides with warm water and place 1 rice wrapper in the water. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, you want it to become soft and pliable. Be careful not to let it sit too long because it will dissolve and fall apart. Trial and error is needed here.

Once your wrapper is pliable place it on your damp paper towel and then put another wrapper in the warm water. Put about 1/4 C of the fruit mixture toward one end of the wrapper. Fold the end of the wrapper over the fruit then fold in the sides. Roll and squeeze the filling to the end of the wrapper. Place on the serving plate or damp papertowel on the cookie sheet and repeat until all of the filling is used up. If you aren't using them right away place another damp papertowel on top of the rolls and place in the refrigerator.

This is a great way to enjoy the lightness of summer.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

They're here.....

If you are wanting to enjoy some Udi's hamburger or hotdog buns for a Memorial Day BBQ they are in Bozeman! Check out their website link above to get a $1.00 off coupon. The only place I've seen them is Town & Country (they are for sure at the 1611 Sth 11th location) so far. Thanks Nicole for the heads up! I'm looking forward to trying them out at our own little BBQ on Sunday.

The hamburger buns come 4 to a bag and the hotdog buns come 6 to a bag. They also have their new artisan breads if you want to try them out. If you like breads with seeds in them definately give it a try. I liked that they were lower in calories and higher in protein than the regular Udi's bread.

Pictures are from Udi's webpage.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Libertycall Gluten Free Beer

In case you are a Libertycall fan, or have been wanting to try Neptune's Brewery gluten free beer, it is available again at The Dock. Stop in to fill (or get) a growler and let me know if you like it as much as we do.

The Dock is located at 806 7th Avenue in Bozeman.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chickpea Cafe - Mediterranean Deli in Bozeman

I have the greatest friends. They are always on the lookout for GF options for me and one of my friends told me about an article she read on Chickpea Cafe where they stated they offer GF items. I checked out their online menu and wasn't quite sure what was safe so I e-mailed an inquiry and Jennifer gave me the following information.

The following items are gluten free:

Hummus (without pita & with extra vegetables)
Bab ganoush (without pita)
Falafel (note that these are fried in oil that also fried gluten items so not safe on my list)
Chicken Shish Tawook Plate
Shawarma Plate

The paper menu at the restaurant has the GF items designated so that will help with ordering. The menu looks delicious so let me know if you've eaten there before I get a chance to try it out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More GF Restaurants, Bozeman & Missoula

We have a couple more gluten free restaurants across this fine state.

Buffalo Bump Pizza located at Four Corner's near Bozeman now offers a GF crust and soy cheese for those that can't do dairy. I haven't talked with them about practices to avoid cross contamination but I did sample the pizza at a friend's house the other week and it was really good. They are located at 28901 Norris Rd.

In Missoula The Mustard Seed Asian Cafe now offers a gluten free menu. I have no idea how much it offers or how careful they are with cross contamination but I wanted to share the news. If you have a chance to try them or talk to them please share any information. They are located in the Southgate Mall.

Another Missoula gem is Bernice's Bakery that will do gluten free if you call ahead. I'm not sure what they offer or how much notice you need to give them so again if you have more information please share!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gluten Free Coupons

Mambo Sprouts has some great gluten free coupons available. $1.00 off a Rudi's and an Udi's product plus $.55 off a San-J product.

Here's the link.

You can sign up for their e-mail updates to get notifications on their latest coupons. I figure with how pricey the gluten free lifestyle can be it's worth saving a few bucks here and there.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dairy Free Chocolate Covered Eggs - Cabdury Style

Hubby and I are huge Cadbury Egg fans. We would gain about 5 pounds every year around Easter just eating these things and then we cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out of our lives. I may have shed a tear when I realized that meant no more Cadbury Eggs. Hubby no longer being able to have dairy has sealed the casket on this past love affair.

One thing I've learned being GF is that I can make almost anything at home. Just because I can buy it packaged at the store doesn't mean I can't do it myself. Finding the time and energy to try things at home is what I battle the most but I finally gave Cadbury Eggs a try and I was happy to find out that they didn't take that much work.

I was really happy with this recipe and they didn't last long. I should have shared more with the kids but there's always next year.

Chocolate Covered (Cadbury) Eggs - Dairy Free

Adapated from Taste of Home

1/4 C DF butter substitute, Earth Balance works well

7 oz marshmallow creme
1 t vanilla extract

3 C powdered sugar

Yellow food coloring

2 C DF chocolate chips

2 T shortening

In a mixing bowl beat the butter substitute, marshmallow creme, and vanilla until smooth. Add the powdered sugar 1 C at a time until well blended.

Take a quarter of the marshmallow mixture and add some yellow food coloring. Knead until it's an even color then roll into 24 small balls. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 30 min. Cover the remaining marshmallow mixture with plastic wrap and also chill for 30 min.

Divide the white mixture into 24 pieces then wrap around a yellow marshmallow ball. Press into an egg shape with your hands (or you can use an egg mould) then place on wax paper. Continue with the remaining 23 pieces of yellow and white marshmallow mixture. Cover the 24 eggs with plastic wrap and freeze for 15 min.

Melt the chocolate chips and shortening either over a double boiler or in the microwave. If you use the microwave stir every 30 seconds to keep it from nuking in spots. Dip the eggs into the chocolate and place on wax paper until set. Enjoy as they are or you can decorate them like they did at the Taste of Home link above.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starky's Authentic Americana Review

I had the pleasure of trying another local restaurant that offers GF food and I was impressed. Starky's has a great atmosphere and best of all a gluten free AND dairy free menu. It was so nice to see what I could safely eat and there were a lot of options.

We started with the Hummus Plate (sorry no picture) that was easily made GF by substituting their pita bread with their toasted home made bread. I was a little nervous about how good the bread would be but there was no need for that because it was delicious.

For my main meal I had the Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Polenta with Shrimp and it was fantastic. There wasn't a bit left on my plate.

For dessert my friend and I split the Raspberry Chocolate Mousse. Not only was it beautiful but it was so yummy. I could barely move when we left the restaurant.

Starky's is open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday, along with a Sunday brunch. They also offer catering and have Red Bridge GF beer available. You can find them next to the parking garage downtown at 24 N. Tracy Ave.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Audrey's Pizza Oven - Bozeman

I am embarrassed it has been so long between posts. My main excuse is a week of a stomach bug and beyond that I've just been busy. I hope to make up for it with a few posts this week, will that make everything better?

We don't go out to eat very often but I was craving pizza and since Audrey's Pizza Oven offers a gluten free crust we had to give it a try. Their crust is a pre-made frozen crust that comes on its own metal tray. They also have a dedicated GF oven giving us happy news on the cross contamination avoidance issue.

The kids and I enjoyed the Church St. pizza, which was veggies and cheese. It was delicious. Both kids had two slices and it's a pizza you can pick up and eat like normal.

Hubby is a meat lover and opted for the Rouse St. pizza. He had to get it cheese free because he can't do the dairy but he still enjoyed his pizza.

They offer Greens and Red Bridge for GF beer so you can enjoy a beer with your pizza, life is good.

Audrey's is located at 401 East Peach Street. Stop in if you have a pizza craving that needs to be met.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gopicnic Gluten Free Lunchboxes

Gopicnic is a company that makes ready to eat meals and they offer gluten free options. They remind me of lunchables and searching for gluten free lunchables is how I initially heard of these. My boy was feeling left out at school because his friends would bring lunchables for lunch and I was interested in what, if any, options were out there. Through their website you can see they have several gluten free options including some that are geared towards kids. I've thought about ordering them but never quite followed through.

We can now find these locally at World Market. Nicole found these and sent me the picture below and said they are located toward the back of the store. There was only one GF option available so beware that not all of them are safe.

I'm not sure my boy would be excited about the hummus part but my girl would love it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Trip to Great Falls

Last weekend I went on a road trip with a couple friends to Great Falls to meet the one and only Pioneer Woman. Ree is such a hoot and we really enjoyed listening to her share her journey on becoming a blogger. If you haven't seen her blog it is well worth your time.

Of course I have to share the picture of us with Ree, she thought we were sisters and it didn't surprise me since I get that all the time with Shannon (on the right). I'm in the salmon colored jacket and I actually look tall in this picture, must be the heels.

For our dinner before this event we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill. I asked for the GF menu which was just a piece of paper listing my options under each category but at least it was something. Most of the options are safe without certain parts of the dish and I opted for the Jumbo Shrimp Spiedini without the vegetables so I opted for the grilled asparagus since it was under the safe sides list. The vegetables aren't safe because it looks like they have panko bread crumbs mixed in with them, I'm not sure why. So my dish arrived and it tasted great but I have to say I was disappointed that there were only 6 asparagus spears next to my shrimp. It was the type of plate where you look down and "Where's the rest of it?" pops into mind. At least I wasn't glutened and didn't go hungry.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gluten Free Night at Vera Fare

Vera Fare will host another Gluten Free Night this Wednesday, the 16th, at 6:00pm. The Montana Celiac Society will start the talk and then Dr. Lou Walters from the Source Wellness Center will also be there for discussion after the talk.

The event is free and you can arrive early to purchase food and drinks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture - Naturally Gluten Free!

With spring promising to be close, at least within the next three months, I am starting to dream about my vegetable garden and my CSA. This will be the third year that I'll be a part of the Madison Meadowlark CSA and I always look forward to the weekly pickup. It's like a present that you sort of know what you'll get but there's always a surprise. For instance the kohlrabi that really threw me for a loop. It pushes me to try new food, new recipes, and to use up (or can/freeze) the fresh produce before it goes bad. This was a struggle for me the first year but it's a healthy change and I did much better last year.

Not only is the fresh produce fantastic but I really enjoy supporting local business. If you are interested in finding out more about CSA's and what is available in your area check out LocalHarvest. You'll see we have a few options for CSA's in the Bozeman area including a yarn CSA. They also list farms that you can purchase local meat through. Some require a 1/4 or 1/2 minimum purchase of the beef, buffalo, or pork and some will sell individual cuts.

I'm now going to keep dreaming about fresh local produce, warm weather, and how I want to lay out my garden this year. Anyone else starting some seeds soon?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Giant Cookie Pizza - Gluten and Dairy Free

The kids had some friends over for a pizza and movie night this past weekend and I finally tried my hand at a giant cookie. I mean really, what better dessert goes with pizza than a cookie pizza? I was a bit nervous about it baking properly and my conversion to gluten free but the sun must have been shining on me because it worked out, a bit too well if you ask my scale.

I think it was best after it had fully cooled so make it the day ahead and cut just before serving. If you do cut it while the marshmallows are still warm spray your pizza cutter with non-stick cooking spray, it makes life a lot easier.

Giant Cookie Pizza - GF/DF
Adapted from Allrecipes

1/2 C Earth Balance Margarine (butter works if you can have it)
1/2 C peanut butter
1/2 C granulated sugar
1/2 C brown sugar, packed
1 egg
1/2 t vanilla
1/2 t xanthan gum
1 1/2 C gluten free flour, I used Gluten Free Mama's Almond Blend
2 C mini-marshmallows
1 C chocolate chips, gluten and dairy free

Preheat oven to 375 F.

In a mixing bowl combine the margarine, peanut butter, and sugars until fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla mixing thoroughly then add the xanthan gum and flour mixing until combined.

Spread the dough on a greased pizza pan into a 12 inch circle and bake for 12 minutes. Top with the marshmallows and chocolate chips then bake another 8 minutes or until lightly browned. Cut after completely cooled and be sure to share.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shabtai Gourmet Review

I came home a couple weekends ago to find a sweet package of gluten free, dairy free (also free of a lot of other allergens) treats from Shabtai Gourmet. This wasn't good for my diet but it was so delicious.

The first thing I had to try was the Swiss Chocolate Roll and Bon Bons. This was only natural since I'm a chocolate fiend. The white filling in both of these is beyond delicious, I easily could have eaten the Bon Bons all to myself and they were my favorite. The Swiss Chocolate Roll had a nice hint of lemon to the cake and wasn't dry at all. Both of these had everyone in dessert heaven, I kept getting requests from the kids of "more please". That's all I need for a review from them.
I wasn't sure what I was going to think of the Florentine Lace Cookies since I've never had them before but man was I surprised how fantastic they were. They were crispy and light with a great chocolate base, yum! The kids loved these cookies though I ate most of them, I need to work on sharing.

After eating these first three treats I had to give myself a break with sweets and put the Raspberry Roll in the freezer for safe keeping. My parents were up for the next weekend so I thawed this bad boy and was impressed with how well it froze, great for buying a few treats and then freezing them for later. I think this was Hubby's favorite he loved the lemon hint in the cake and commented on how moist it was. It was gone within the night.

If you're in need of some quick and yummy desserts Shabtai is a great option. They have a flat shipping rate of $5.95 across the USA and freeze wonderfully. I had ordered some birthday treats for my dad through them last summer and e-mailed them with shipping questions. They responded to me within an hour of my request and were fantastic to work with. Now I need to order some Ring Ting's through them, the picture has me drooling.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bitterroot Gluten Free Bakery

Missoula has an option for yummy looking gluten free bread, sourdough pretzels, and other delicious looking baked goods through the Bitterroot Gluten Free Bakery. Hannah sells these treats at the Clark Fork River Saturday Market in Missoula. The Saturday Market runs from April 30th-September 22nd open from 8am-1pm. Check out her booth once the market is up and running again.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sneaky Gluten Containing Items

Hubby picked up a new multivitamin a few weeks ago and of course he read the ingredients to make sure it was OK. A couple weeks later I read the ingredients out of curiosity/boredom/being nosy? Maybe a bit of all. I noticed one of the ingredients was barley grass which popped up a big red flag for me, of course. A quick search online didn't give me any definitive answers. Some things said it should be OK since it's technically the grain that contains the gluten while others said unless it states gluten free to avoid it. So I used the last of my EZ Gluten tests and sure enough, positive for gluten. At least we now knew why Hubby had been feeling so tired lately. I've read before that wheat grass is safe but after this it's for sure in my avoid at all costs category.

Another sneaky gluten containing ingredient can be millet. Of course it's a naturally gluten free grain but according to an article in the September Gluten-Free Living magazine millet flour was found to have high (in the 300 ppm range) levels of gluten in packages that were not labeled gluten free. They believe this may be due to cross contamination from crop rotation of millet with winter wheat. So if you use millet flour be sure it states gluten free on the packaging.

Friday, February 25, 2011

More Bozeman Gluten Free Options

Bozeman has more options for gluten free pizza crust and bread. It feels like such a boom and I'm a tad bit excited about it all.

First off is Audrey's Pizza Oven which now offers gluten free crust. It's not listed on the online menu yet but Nicole saw a sign in their window and I gave them a call. The crust comes prepackaged on a metal tray so it doesn't touch any surfaces. They also said they use clean utensils so it should be safe.

Great Harvest Bread Company now makes gluten free bread. I don't know what the availability and variety are like. Please note on their web page they state gluten "free" (that can scare a person a bit) and give the warning "Please note that we are a whole wheat bakery, therefore; this product is not recommended for customers with the serious autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease, as it may contain trace amounts of whole wheat flour". This could be a legal cover their rear thing but it's something to be cautious about. If you do want to give them a try they make the bread on Tuesdays.

Last we have the Homepage Cafe that offers gluten free bread for their sandwiches.

If you have concerns about cross contamination, etc. please be sure to check with them at the time to see what their practices are. And if you happen to indulge at any of these places let me know how it goes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gluten Free Restaurant Updates

I was looking at webpages for a couple local gluten free restaurants and wanted to share some updated information with everyone.

Vera Fare makes cutsom gluten free cakes and baked goods. This would be a great option for and GF birthday's that need cake.

Sola Cafe now has an online gluten free menu. They also offer gluten free cakes for order and when they make pasta soup you can get it GF because they leave the pasta on the side.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nicole's Divine Crackers - Gluten Free & Dairy Free

A couple weekends ago my friend Nicole introduced me to these new crackers available at Rosauer's. It's just coincidence she shares the same name as the crackers :) They were so good I had to pick up a couple boxes for myself. When I had them at Nicole's they reminded me of the crackers I had from Olivelle and when I saw one of the varieties was Cranberry Pepper it peaked my interest.

I first opened the Tomato Tomahto box and it has a tangy tomato kick so be sure you like tomato's for this one. I then opened the Cranberry Pepper box and I would bet money that they're the same crackers from Olivelle. They looked and tasted identical, I think they were just repackaged meaning an Olivelle sticker was put on the inner packaging. So I need to correct myself in stating/thinking the Olivelle crackers were made there, I'm pretty sure they were not.

Onto the review of Nicole's Divine Crackers, they are fabulous. They aren't seedy like some GF crackers so they're a more attractive option for Hubby, he's not a fan of the seedy crackers. You can find them in the cracker aisle in Rosauer's Huckleberry Market.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Sugar Cookie Cutouts

To celebrate Valentine's Day I opted for some sugar cookie cutouts and since my life is so exciting I spent Saturday night decorating them. As Hubby said what else would I be doing. He had a good point.

I topped these with a thin layer of my creamy white frosting and decorated them with what I had on hand. Since they're going to day care with the kids I figured I better make them look good. I thought they would be really sweet but they're not, it was a perfect crisp cookie that doesn't over do it on the taste buds.

Sugar Cookie Cutouts
Adapted from Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

1/3 C DF margarine (butter works if you can have it)
1/3 C shortening
3/4 C granulated sugar
1 t baking powder
Dash of salt
1 egg
1 t vanilla
2 C GF flour, I used Gluten Free Mama's Almond Blend
1 t xanthan gum

Preheat your oven to 375 F.

Beat the margarine and shortening until combined then add the sugar, baking powder and salt. Once this is combined beat in the egg and vanilla then add the flour and xanthan gum. This dough was really dry and I had to knead it a bit with my hands to get it to come together. If the dough isn't easy to handle you can chill it for a few hours, I didn't have any problems working with it right away.

Take half of the dough and roll it out to about an 1/8" thick on a lightly floured surface. Use your desired cookie cutter and cut out shapes then place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 7 to 8 minutes or just until the edges set and the bottoms are lightly browned. I got about 46 cookies out of this.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies - Review

I swung by Rosauer's Huckleberry Market on my way home and spotted some new items. I'm usually disappointed with the gluten free cookies I buy off the shelf but I figured I'll give these a try and see what I think.

When I ate my first cookie it reminded me of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies. They are chewy and soft and delicious! I was so happy and surprised so I had a second cookie. Give these a try and if you do check out the Enjoy Life web page for a coupon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Gluten Free Pizza in Billings

Billings has a new gluten free pizza option and I can't wait to try it. I've heard great things about their non-gluten free pizza and am excited to give them a try.

Sam & Louie's New York Style Pizzeria has a gluten free menu offering salads, specialty and make your own pizzas. They are located at 1595 Grand Avenue in the West Park Plaza Mall and you can contact them at 406-281-8333.

If you've enjoyed their GF pizza please let me know what you think.

Monday, February 7, 2011


We had some get togethers this past weekend where I was responsible for the dessert and I opted for gingersnaps. I actually made gingersnap sandwich cookies but I don't have a picture of the final product. I wasn't sure if I was happy with it or not but after they sat in the refrigerator overnight I decided I was happy with them.

These are easy and taste delicious, as Nicole (a fellow Gluten Freer) stated they taste like real cookies, score! I flattened the cookies with a fork making a cross-wise pattern. This will result in a flat cookie perfect for making cookie sandwiches. If you like your cookies to be chewier and thick (like I usually do) don't flatten them with a fork before baking.

Gingersnaps - Gluten free/Dairy free
Adapted from Better Homes and Gardens New CookBook
2 1/4 C GF flour - I used Gluten Free Mama's
1 t xanthan gum
1 C packed brown sugar
3/4 C shortening
1/4 C molasses
2 eggs
4 pieces sugared ginger, chopped
1 t baking soda
1 t ground ginger
1 t ground cinnamon
1/2 t ground cloves
1/4 C granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 375 F.

In a mixing bowl combine 1/2 of the flour, xanthan gum, brown sugar, shortening, molasses, egg, sugared ginger, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves until combined. Add the remaining flour and stir until thoroughly combined.

Shape the dough into 1 inch balls then roll in the granulated sugar. Place about 2 inches apart on a cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes or until the edges are set.

You can stop here and enjoy the cookies as they are or you can make a vanilla filling to make gingersnap cookie sandwiches.

Vanilla filling

1/2 C shortening or Earth Balance (you can use butter here if dairy isn't an issue)
1 3/4 C powdered sugar
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped out of it
1 T rice milk, or your favorite milk or milk substitute

Whip the shortening or butter in a mixer until smooth. Add half of the powdered sugar and the vanilla bean seeds mixing well. Add the milk again mixing well. Add the remaining powdered sugar mixing until thoroughly combined and if needed you can add more milk to get your desired consistency.

Spread filling onto the bottom of one cookie then sandwich it with another cookie of the same size. Store in the refrigerator until they are ready to be served, I prefer them at room temp so I'd set them out for 30 minutes or more before eating.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cheesy Mustard Cauliflower

There is a dish I have loved since I was a little girl. My mom would make it with special meals and it's definately a comfort food for me. Thankfully with the internet I easily found the dish and got to enjoy it this past weekend. To heck with everything else I cooked this was the golden dish.

Cheesy Mustard Cauliflower
Adapted from Tasty Kitchen

1 head of cauliflower, broken into florets
1/2 C mayonnaise
1 T spicy mustard
3/4 C cheese, Daiya worked great for dairy free

Preheat the oven to 325 F. Steam the cauliflower until fork tender.

Mix the mayonnaise and mustard together then toss with the steamed cauliflower. Place in a baking dish and top with the cheese. Bake for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese is melted. I love this straight out of the oven and even leftover from the fridge, I can't get enough of this dish.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretzel Crusted Tilapia

My family really likes tilapia, well my boy isn't as sold on it as the rest of us but he still eats it. It's such an easy fish to prepare and I wanted to try something different so I was really excited when I found this recipe. It went over well with the family and other than it being a little salty in spots from the pretzels it was perfect. It's also an easy dish to whip together, another plus on weeknights for me.

Pretzel Crusted Tilapia
Adapted from Tasty Kitchen

4-6 Tilapia fillets
8 oz gluten free pretzels
1/2 C mayonnaise
1/4 C spicy mustard

Preheat oven to 425 F and spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray.

Crush the pretzels in a ziploc bag with a rolling pin until no large pieces remain. Mix together the mayonnaise and mustard.

Baste one side of a fillet with the mayo mixture then place that side down onto the crushed pretzels. Press down a bit to make sure the entire side is covered with pretzels. Baste the side up with the mayo mixture then turn it over onto the pretzels to cover this side. Don't be stingy with the mayo mixture. Place the covered fillet on the cookie sheet and repeat with the remaining fillets.

Lightly spray the fillets with cooking spray and bake for 20-25 minutes until the thickest part of the fish flakes easily. Tilapia is a forgiving fish that will tolerate a little bit of over baking in case you're uncertain about fish. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bacon Potato Soup

Now that the weather has dropped back down to the expected temps for this time of year I was in the mood for soup and potato is what caught my eye. This recipe was easy to throw together and tasted delicious, plus it was dairy free. Just look at my girl eating this up, she went for two bowls she liked it so much.

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Bacon Potato Soup

Adapted from AllRecipes

1 package of bacon

1/2 chopped onion

1 C chopped carrots

2 celery stalks

4 garlic cloves, chopped

4 C GF chicken broth

4 C potatoes, cubed

1/8 t cayenne pepper

1/2 C DF cheese, I used Daiya

Salt to taste

In a dutch oven or saucepan cook the bacon until crisp. Remove and drain on paper towels. Add the onion, carrots, celery, and garlic to the bacon grease and saute until the onion is soft.

Add the chicken broth, potatoes, and pepper. Bring to a boil and scrape up the bits of brown from the bottom of the pan. Cover and simmer until the potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes.

Add the cheese and heat until melted but not to boiling. Chop the bacon and add to the soup then season with additional salt if needed.

We served some beer bread along side and it was the perfect meal for a cold day.

Daiya Cheese now in Bozeman

Daiya cheese is now available locally at the Coop. If you're dairy free and haven't had a chance to try it be sure to pick some up. I think flavor wise and texture wise it's the best option out there.

To see where Daiya cheese is sold check out this product locator.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gluten Free Microbrew at Neptune's Brewery

Neptune's Brewery has a gluten free beer called Liberty Call available on tap. We picked up a growler and were really impressed with it. It has a sweet smooth start with a hit of hops at the end. I'm not a big fan of hoppy beers but it's a nice touch in this beer. It is a different taste than most GF beers and we welcomed the change. Keep up the great work Neptunes!

You can get growlers at the Brewery in Livingston or at the Dock located at 806 Nth 7th Ave in Bozeman. Bottoms up!