Wednesday, June 15, 2011

49'er Diner & Rice Krispies Gluten Free

I was given a tip on a new GF restaurant offering in Livingston, thanks Lexxy! The 49'er Diner now offers GF pancakes and pizza. They are located at 404 E Park St. and you can reach them for details at 406-222-8204. If you try them share what you think.

The new gluten free Rice Krispies are now on shelves, I found a box at Lee & Dad's and picked it up interested to see if they had also removed the HFCS and they had! I haven't tried them yet but if it's something you miss be sure to grab a box and make sure it state gluten free on it because the original Rice Krispies are also on the shelf.


  1. can't wait till I see them in my area!

  2. awesome.....rice krispy treats again! Nicole