Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm back and an update

This blog has been silent for too long and I apologize to anyone that may still be out there :)

A little over 2.5 years ago we added a third kid to our house and I think I lost my mind.  It has been crazy juggling three kids, still is at times, but it is getting easier.  I've been falling back on easy recipes and have done very little experimenting with food so that has added to my silence.

After my pregnancy my body decided to get a bit out of whack and I finally pursued trying to figure out what was going on within the past few months.  After doing an IgG food intolerance test I found out my body can not handle egg protein.  I am also supposed to avoid cane sugar and fruit within 8 hours of each other.  Let's just say I took the no-egg very hard and have found the fruit and sugar combo to be difficult to avoid.  I have cut the eggs out completely and recently started a paleo diet to help with weight loss so at this moment I'm not eating any sugar including fruit.  I feel great so this is something I want to pursue and it means I'll have some recipe testing and adapting to work on which will hopefully lead to more posts.

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