Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nicole's Divine Crackers - Gluten Free & Dairy Free

A couple weekends ago my friend Nicole introduced me to these new crackers available at Rosauer's. It's just coincidence she shares the same name as the crackers :) They were so good I had to pick up a couple boxes for myself. When I had them at Nicole's they reminded me of the crackers I had from Olivelle and when I saw one of the varieties was Cranberry Pepper it peaked my interest.

I first opened the Tomato Tomahto box and it has a tangy tomato kick so be sure you like tomato's for this one. I then opened the Cranberry Pepper box and I would bet money that they're the same crackers from Olivelle. They looked and tasted identical, I think they were just repackaged meaning an Olivelle sticker was put on the inner packaging. So I need to correct myself in stating/thinking the Olivelle crackers were made there, I'm pretty sure they were not.

Onto the review of Nicole's Divine Crackers, they are fabulous. They aren't seedy like some GF crackers so they're a more attractive option for Hubby, he's not a fan of the seedy crackers. You can find them in the cracker aisle in Rosauer's Huckleberry Market.

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  1. They were delicious! and a great taste compared to other GF crackers. Nicole