Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gluten Free Cider Reviews

One adult beverage that us gluten freer’s can usually have is hard cider. Be sure to check the ingredients list for any cider you want to purchase and if it states it has malt in there just put it down and walk away carefully. We've been marinating our steaks with GF cider and it gives it a fantastic flavor. I’ve found some cider’s that are GF and here are our thoughts on them.

Blue Mountain Cherry Hard Cider

This is a delicious cider that has a nice sweetness to it but not overly sweet. You can find this in Missoula at The Good Food Store and at The Coop in Bozeman.

Henney's Still Cider

I believe we found this in Missoula at The Good Food Store and it's a good cider with a medium sweetness. The bottle is a little bland but the important part isn't.

Sam Smith Organic Cider

This is a gluten free cider that is not on the sweet side. There is tartness to it at first and Hubby thinks it has more of a beer after taste. I didn’t mind it but it’s not my favorite, I guess I prefer the sweeter ciders. I found this at Lee & Dad’s IGA and it’s also in Missoula at The Good Food Store.

Woodchuck Draft Cider – Amber

This is my favorite cider, it’s the sweetest one out of this group and is very smooth. You can get this at Albertson’s in Belgrade so I would think it’s at most Albertson’s in the area. It's also at Lee & Dad's and Rosauer's.

HardCore Crisp Hard Cider

This is in the middle on sweetness, it’s not as sweet as the Woodchuck but still sweet and definitely sweeter than the Sam Smith Cider. I like that it’s a little lower in calories than the Woodchuck. I found this at Lee & Dad’s IGA and Rosauer's.

Hornsby’s Crisp Apple Hard Cider

This is a tasty cider and has a good sweetness but not overly sweet. I assumed I wasn’t going to like it for some reason but found that I actually enjoyed it. It goes down easily and doesn’t have a tart after taste. This is available at most grocery stores and gas stations.

When we were in Portland we found some pear cider that was really good so if you ever spot that be sure to grab a pack.


  1. The Amber Wood Chuck and the Original hornsby's are my fav!!!!

    i have the hardcore in my fridge right now, but eh, its

  2. My new favorite is Magner's. Lighter than woodchuck or strongbow.

  3. Hornsby's isn't gluten free.

  4. but i just read that the crisp apple Hornsby's is GF. Just not the other one....