Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dairy Free Chocolate Covered Eggs - Cabdury Style

Hubby and I are huge Cadbury Egg fans. We would gain about 5 pounds every year around Easter just eating these things and then we cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out of our lives. I may have shed a tear when I realized that meant no more Cadbury Eggs. Hubby no longer being able to have dairy has sealed the casket on this past love affair.

One thing I've learned being GF is that I can make almost anything at home. Just because I can buy it packaged at the store doesn't mean I can't do it myself. Finding the time and energy to try things at home is what I battle the most but I finally gave Cadbury Eggs a try and I was happy to find out that they didn't take that much work.

I was really happy with this recipe and they didn't last long. I should have shared more with the kids but there's always next year.

Chocolate Covered (Cadbury) Eggs - Dairy Free

Adapated from Taste of Home

1/4 C DF butter substitute, Earth Balance works well

7 oz marshmallow creme
1 t vanilla extract

3 C powdered sugar

Yellow food coloring

2 C DF chocolate chips

2 T shortening

In a mixing bowl beat the butter substitute, marshmallow creme, and vanilla until smooth. Add the powdered sugar 1 C at a time until well blended.

Take a quarter of the marshmallow mixture and add some yellow food coloring. Knead until it's an even color then roll into 24 small balls. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 30 min. Cover the remaining marshmallow mixture with plastic wrap and also chill for 30 min.

Divide the white mixture into 24 pieces then wrap around a yellow marshmallow ball. Press into an egg shape with your hands (or you can use an egg mould) then place on wax paper. Continue with the remaining 23 pieces of yellow and white marshmallow mixture. Cover the 24 eggs with plastic wrap and freeze for 15 min.

Melt the chocolate chips and shortening either over a double boiler or in the microwave. If you use the microwave stir every 30 seconds to keep it from nuking in spots. Dip the eggs into the chocolate and place on wax paper until set. Enjoy as they are or you can decorate them like they did at the Taste of Home link above.


  1. You are incredible! These looks so yummy (and time consuming!)

  2. They were actually really easy and faster than I expected. I'll have to make them an Easter tradition :)