Monday, July 19, 2010

More Gluten Free Play-Dough Alternatives

I have recently seen a couple more options for gluten free play-dough alternatives and wanted to spread the word. I know we can make our own but it's so much easier to buy it. ;)

Soy-Yer Dough is a scented play dough that is free of egg, gluten, peanut & tree nuts, borax, latex, dairy, and kerosene. The original dough does contain soybean but you can choose a soy-free version of the dough during checkout. All of the dough does contain rice. It looks fantastic so I ordered some and it is shipping today. Is it possible I'm more excited than the kids?

Moon Dough is a hypo-allergenic, gluten free/wheat free molding dough. It never dries out and claims to be very easy to clean up. Basically you can use a big piece of the moon dough to dab up any dough on the counters and the carpet. I did order some of this also, my boy was beyond excited when he saw the commercial and I said it was gluten free, so I'll post a report of what I think once we get it.


  1. I bought moon dough today for my 4 yr old triplets. Holy Cow, folks. What are you thinking? Easy to clean up? It falls apart at every touch. I worked it first before I gave it to them as directed. As soon as they touched it, it fell into tiny pieces and went everywhere. As soon as their mom came into the room, she said it would have to be trashed. I asked her not to only because I had invested a lot of money in it. We will use it until we cannot stand it any longer.

  2. I had that experience with the moon sand but my kids really enjoy the moon dough. It is not like modeling dough and does have a fall apart quality but I've found it easy to clean up. I just take a ball of it and dab at the strays to pick it up. If it falls on the floor I vaccum it up. It at least doesn't bind to the carpet like play-dough can. Be sure you avoid the moon sand if you didn't like the dough :)