Monday, August 30, 2010

Farmer's Market & More Gluten Free Cooking Classes

I finally made it to the Saturday Farmer's Market this year and it has grown! It was fun running into so many people I know and we had a great time. Plus I got to scope out and try the gluten free baked goods.

The first booth was located outside and we tried the scones and carrot cake. It was also dairy free and egg free and Hubby loved the carrot cake. I'm not a big carrot cake fan but I thought it was really good too. The scones were a little dense but tasted really good. Her kitchen is not 100% GF but she takes measures to prevent cross contamination.

The second booth was located inside and I would have missed it if my SIL hadn't pointed it out to me. Laughing Lily is a gluten-free patisserie with dairy-free optoins. We bought a couple cookies, all of which were soft and delicious, plus some tasty blueberry muffins. Fantastic food. You can contact them at

Olivelle is offering another gluten free cooking class September 24th called Gluten Free Gourmet. Check out the link for details.

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