Monday, August 9, 2010

Misc Updates

Sorry I haven't posted anything new for awhile. Work has been crazy and my free time has been filled but hopefully things will slow down next week and I can start posting again. In the mean time I do want to post a few new things I've seen around the area.

Town & Country now has Bard's GF beer. I love this store but never make it there. I need to do a more thorough walk through to see what GF options they have because I know they are scattered throughout.

On The Rise Bakery is working on offering gluten free bread and muffins. I'll keep you posted as I hear more on this.

The Farmer's Market in Bozeman on Saturday's has GF goodies. I can't for the life of me remember the name but a woman makes GF oatmeal cookies (certified GF oats), peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies. The kids loved them but Hubby can't have them because they are not dairy free.

Starky's offers GF options and here the information I received when I e-mailed them. They have a house made GF bread that is available for any sandwich options. It is brown rice and garbanzo flour based. They always carry it and it is available by the loaf with a day's notice. They also carry chocolate macaroons and lemon bars along with a GF dessert every night. For brunch on Sunday's (10-3) they feature a special brunch menu whose French Toast can easily be converted to GF if requested.

They do a lot of standard baking and said there is a risk of cross-contamination however their bakers are well versed in the avoidance of CC and the dangers of gluten allergies. Items are not labelled GF because they want to avoid the unfortunate backlash that sometimes occurs when an individual reads anything healthy as bad tasting, but their staff is fairly well educated on the subject and good enough to ask a manager or baker when they are unsure of an items GF status. They also do not have a separate grill for GF preparation however if you request when ordering they will prepare a meal separate from the other gluten products.

That's it for now, let me know if you try Starky's and how it goes.


  1. the woman at the market that makes the cookies is probably Kathryn, was she also selling soaps and cherries and various other wonderful things?

  2. It could be, the name on the cookies packet is JillieBabies. Some friends of mine mentioned they also saw a GF/CF/egg free stand last weekend.

  3. thanks for this post. I shop at Town & Country often, they carry a large selection of Bob's Red Mill flours and other products, in addition to nameste and pamelas mixes in their baking aisle. They also recently put pink labels on the shelves identifying gluten free products.

    Our family had dinner at Starkys a couple of weeks ago, they did a great job, thoughtful and knowledgeable server. I had great food with no allergic reaction (in addition to gluten I am allergic to milk products, eggs, and shrimp so eating out always feels risky).

    About On the Rise unless they are using a separate facility I would be very concerned about cross contamination with gluten free products, the owner took a gluten free cooking class from me(I teach cooking classes at Bridger Kitchens) last summer and I had the impression that the cross contamination issue was not well understood by him (I am willing to be proven wrong on that point).