Monday, August 23, 2010

Gluten Free Dairy Free Camping

Hubby and I used to backpack and camp a lot, then we had children. I am of the belief you can still do the things you love it just has to be adjusted a bit when kids enter the picture. Unfortunately this portion of our lives took a little while but I was happy with the results. The kids loved camping and spending hours throwing rocks into the stream. If the flat tire and rain hadn't happened it would have been ideal but this is life after all.

Our menu was simple. Dinner consisted of hotdogs, corn, and cherries. Dessert was of course S'mores. I used the Kinnikinnick graham crackers and found these delicious dairy free chocolate bars, Sweet Chocolate Dream. This is the closest taste to milk chocolate we've encountered and I highly recommend them. The Rice Crunch version is dark chocolate and a nice substitute to the gluten filled Crunch bar. We found everything below at Rosauer's Huckleberry Market and I had to bring the Udi's bagels just in case. By the way they are soft and delicious, best bagels I've ever had, GF or not.

Breakfast I knew we needed GF/DF pancakes to go with our DF hot chocolate but these items took some searching. I wanted a pancake mix that I could just add water to and The Cravings Place Pancake Mix was perfect. You add enough water to get it to the consistency you want (no measuring cups required) and there you go. They were yum! The DF hot chocolate by Ah!laska was really good, not as creamy as dairy filled (of course) but the whole family was happy with it. Hubby said I didn't need to search for a DF option but he sure did enjoy a warm drink Sunday morning. The whole family needs to be happy afterall.

Here's my troopers eating breakfast in the rain, it of course started coming down as soon as breakfast was ready. They had already drank their morning hot chocolate and moved onto juice. My girl stated her hot chocolate was her coffee. I think that's a sign I may drink too much coffee. See me in the background making breakfast and drinking coffee? I think that was my second cup.

Speaking of my coffee addiction the Starbucks Via instant coffee pouches are fantastic. They take up very little space and allow for a "just add water" coffee fix. This was much more compact than bringing along grounds and my French Press. I picked these up at REI and of course you can get them at Starbucks.

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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! Going camping soon and I'm excited!