Friday, October 15, 2010

New Gluten Free Finds

My fix for dinner, recipe to be posted soon, required a stop at Oak Street Natural Market and I found some new goodies that I've seen online but hadn't seen in our area yet. I felt like it was Christmas morning, but this warm weather pulled me out of that mind frame.

I couldn't wait to try the chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels so that was the kids' snack and I had some, only a few of course. They both are good but I liked the flavor of the yogurt ones best, the salt really popped with those. My boy preferred the chocolate and my girl preferred the yogurt, not quite what I expected.

The cinnamon rolls were breakfast and they were a little on the dry side but very delicious. The kids gobbled them down and really not much for complaints.

We haven't tried the Kinitoos, I'm waiting to open them later when I'm not the main person eating them, I love chocolate too much and can't always contain myself.


  1. I found with the cinnamon rolls that if you make a little sugar and cinnamon with butter and put it on top and bake them, they are wonderful SANS the frosting!

    I agree the Yogurt are my FAVORITE!!! They need bigger bags though for that price!

    The fudge Kinnitoos (sp) weren't a big hit here...don't know if the flavor is just to "cocoa" or if we just don't like it...

    Great finds!

  2. Yummy! I've been itching to try those pretzels but they have soy in them. I found the cinnamon rolls kind of dry too, but the blueberry and chocolate Udi's muffins are DELICIOUS.

    It's always fun finding new tasty things :)