Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Parties

Last weekend we had a neighbor’s birthday party to attend and I pulled out the cupcakes I had frozen so the kids could enjoy some cake with everyone else. This is a great option for anytime there’s a party and you don’t want your little one to go without cake. It also means that if you find out there’s a party tomorrow you don’t have to stress about baking a whole batch of cupcakes that night. When I freeze my cupcakes I let them cool completely then wrap each cupcake with plastic wrap. I then place them in a Ziploc bag and freeze. This way you can grab as many as you need and it keeps freezer burn at bay.

I don’t want my kids to feel like they’re missing out so my goal is to make their cupcakes fun. I filled each cupcake with frosting and then frosted the top. We had a great time doing this together, which meant the boy has his own cupcake to cut, destroy, and eat. I’ve tried filling them without removing cake and it just doesn’t put enough filling into the cupcake so I used the following method and the results were sweet, very sweet.

Take a small paring knife and cut about an inch into the cupcake at an angle cutting a cone shape out of the cupcake. Cut the bottom off the cone so you can place the top over the hole that is now in your cupcake. Fill each hole with frosting, top with the circle you cut out, then frost the rest of the cupcake.

This is really easy and results in an extra special GF cupcake. The frosting color choice was from my boy, we were trying for red but he was happy with this dark pink. I think he thought I was providing the cupcakes for everyone because he had me bring an extra one for the birthday girl. I smiled when it was time to eat cake and the other kids kept asking for the cupcakes, it probably didn’t help their desire when they were told those were special cupcakes.


  1. What cute cupcakes, I really like the color :)! I'm sorry to hear about your son being glutened :(. I get the same effects, it's something we just have to bear through... ugh, the pain is the worst! I hope everyone's feeling better :). Thank you for the well-wishes :).

  2. Do you freeze them with the frosting?

  3. I freeze the frosting seperate in a tupperware container and then wrap the plain cupcakes in plastic wrap and store in a freezer bag. Once the frosting is thawed you can whip it to get that nice consistency again.