Friday, October 30, 2009

Nova Cafe - Gluten Free in Bozeman

The other weekend we had the pleasure of my parents visiting us and I thought it was a great time to try out the Nova Café. We always go out to eat breakfast the day they leave so we drove to Bozeman on Sunday morning. It was busy but the wait was only about 20 minutes and I was able to take in all of the gluten free baked goods they offered, plus you can sit and have a cup of coffee for free while you wait. Honestly when I heard they offer GF baked goods I figured there’d be one thing to choose from but I saw that there were 4 options, wow! They had lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins, and maple nut muffins. I wanted to buy everything but I was able to control myself. Our waiter was very knowledgeable on what was safe for us and what wasn’t and that is such a comforting feeling. For instance the bacon is fried on the same griddle as the pancakes so there may be some cross contamination but the sausage is safe. Also the seasoned red potato home fries can be cross contaminated so instead they offer an awesome fruit bowl. The minute the fruit bowl hit the table my boy was all over it. They also offer gluten free bread, 3 seed or white, and both are really good. The three seed has fennel in it (at least that’s what I think it is) and I’m not a fennel fan but I still ate it. It was a great breakfast and here’s a picture of my boy in toast heaven.

I had the Veggie Scramble and I’m glad I remembered to take a picture before eating it all. The fruit bowl did have raspberries with it but they disappeared before everyon had their plates in front of them, the things I give up for my kids.

My kids had the chocolate muffins for breakfast the next day and they were really good, I heated them a bit in the microwave to help soften them up and yummy. I forgot to take a picture so just imagine a big chocolately muffin.

We found ourselves at the Nova Café for lunch the next day and I usually do salads but I had to get a sandwich just because I could. I had the Quickie on the white bread and it was fantastic. I was also able to safely eat the baked French fries and I was in a little piece of heaven myself.

This time I didn’t control my purchases so I picked up a chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie, and mixed berry twist. The cookies were really good though I prefer my homemade versions and the mixed berry twist was to die for. I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s a sweet bread twisted with fruit and worth stopping by just for that.

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