Monday, October 19, 2009

Gluten Free Goodies

I apologize for not getting a post in last week, the kids both had a virus and I was busy with that. I’m at work with swollen lymph nodes though I already went through their virus so I’m worried this is something different, it has already begun. On happy news I found a couple fun gluten free goodies at Oak Street Natural Market that I wanted to share with everyone. I haven’t had a chance to use either one yet but I can’t imagine they’ll treat me wrong.

The first is travel packets of GF soy sauce, how fantastic for sushi eaters?

The second is Toast It bags. They are reusable toaster bags that you can put your GF bread in and toast safely in any toaster. These would be great when visiting relatives or using a toaster at a hotel when travelling.

An update from my last post. Hubby is doing OK with eating gluten daily, he’s starting to break out but with only 2 weeks left he’s at least getting close to the home stretch. We weren’t able to try Biga Pizza in Missoula because it was busy and they were out of GF crusts, there’s always next time. My conference was at Fairmont Hot Springs and they did a great job providing me with GF food, I was very pleased. I even discovered that they have a portobella mushroom burger that uses the mushroom as a bun, it was yummy.

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