Thursday, October 22, 2009

There is a new gluten free networking site that is free and I love it. Its and it has everything from recipes, to GF eating locations, to tweets and blogs. It’s a great place to share information with other GF people so please check it out.

I received some exciting news too and I hope you all can spread the news to get people to sign up for this great option. is partnering with a new startup that delivers GF pizza (frozen) to your home. They are planning to start in WA, OR, and CA but if we can get enough GF buzz in Montana we could get us added to their launching list. All people need to do is join gling to let them know we’re here and want more GF options. The pizza would be about $9 per pizza delivered to your door with a minimum of 4 pizzas per order. It’s the same pizza that Garlic Jim’s serves, which is a west-coast gourmet pizza chain for those of us that have never been to a Garlic Jim’s. I hear it’s very good.

So if you’re interested join up at and hopefully we can get some yummy GF pizza delivered to our homes.

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