Thursday, January 28, 2010

Colombo's Gluten Free Pizza Crust

I about fell over with excitement when I walked into Colombo’s for lunch yesterday, thank you so much Kelly for calling me for an impromptu lunch! We were standing in line to order and I always get the salad bar but still look at the pizza options when I noticed a lovely sign that has changed my world. It simply states Colombo’s now offers gluten free crust and soy cheese. My wish has come true! I was so excited I didn’t think to ask about cross contamination but I did let Joe know that I was so happy to see GF pizza crust in town. I promptly texted DH and he texted back saying I should pick some pizza up on my way home. Woot for not having to cook and for getting pizza!

I called in my order and talked with the cook to ask about cross contamination. He said the pizzas come on their own aluminum tray so they never touch the same surface the regular crusts touch including the brick oven. I then asked if they had a dedicated pizza cutter for the GF crust and he said he didn’t even think about that but to just state at the time of the order that a clean pizza cutter will need to be used for the GF crust. So I ordered two pizzas and asked that he use a clean pizza cutter which he happily agreed to do. They are the same size as their small pizzas. When I picked them up the cook said he was very careful about cross contamination and let me tell you it was a hard car ride home smelling those delicious pizzas.

The pizzas were really good and I liked the thin crunchy crust. Hubby said it’s not as good as their regular crust but we weren’t expecting it to be. These are a tasty option and as long as you ask them to be cautious about cross contamination you will have a great GF pizza experience. Thanks Colombos!
Veggie Delight

Colombo's is located at 1003 W College, 406-587-5544.


  1. Stopped in yesterday (4-30)


    THANK YOU!!! It is a stunning alternative to wendy's every trip!