Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gluten Free Rustic Holiday Tart Review - Oak Street Natural Market

I had to give Oak Street Natural Market’s rustic holiday tart a try, for the sake of this blog really. I pre-ordered two tarts and picked them up the day before Christmas Eve. They travelled great until I got to my parents house and managed to drop one, I’m good at things like that. It was still edible just not very pretty so I was obligated to graze on the crumbs to save the rest of the family from having to eat it. I thought the tarts were delicious, they weren’t too sweet and the crust was to die for. It was so good I could have just eaten that alone. It was crisp on the outside but not dry and the subtle sweet to it was perfect. I want to make crust like that.

When I was picking the tarts up I noticed that Oak Street Natural Market now offers gluten free bread as an option for their sandwiches. It costs $1 more but that’s standard and the great part is it offers another lunch option for us GFer’s in the area.

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