Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cinnamon Chex and Trix Swirls

I have found Cinnamon Chex in Bozeman, ah sweet cereal! If you haven't tried them already they have a nice sweetness to them with a great cinnamon flavor. You can get them at Van's IGA located at 912 Nth 7th Ave.

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I've also discovered that Trix Swirls don't have any gluten containing ingredients and is also free of HFCS. My boy has really been enjoying them for breakfast.

Picture is courtesy of General Mills.

It's nice to have different options for cereal to give my kids, I'm so glad they can still enjoy the fun cereals and not feel like they're left out for being GF. Always be sure to read the ingredients list if it doesn't state GF on the box, better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Have you guys tried the honey chex.....they are delish!

  2. Yes they are my favorite! The Chocolate is really yummy too.

  3. i am from israel
    want to buy this trix gluten free /
    can i?

  4. Try to order and have it shipped to Israel. Good luck!