Friday, April 30, 2010

Deschutes Brewery Portland, OR

Knowing that the Deschutes Brewery in Portland has a GF beer on tap AND has a GF menu to eat from we just had to do lunch there, how could we resist? I was initially excited about the sweet potato fries they had on the menu, we so rarely get to enjoy fries outside of the house, until I read the note applying to the *. It states the fries (and wings) are prepared in oil which is also used to cook products containing gluten. So they really aren't GF due to cross contamination and I personally don't think they should be on their GF menu but at least they say something.

We all (well the adults anyways) started off with a beer and Hubby and I got their GF option which was a blonde. The GF beers have bands put around them so everyone knows it's GF and that was nice to see. It was too light for Hubby's and my tastes so we didn't get a growler but we did at least enjoy having a beer on tap. What I'd give for a dark GF beer.

For our meals we planned to try out their GF buns and I had promised my boy that he would get a burger with a bun. He just wanted the bun of course. My waitress informed me they didn't get their GF bun shipment on time and only had a limited number (for awhile I thought this number was 0), turned out to be only two left. We wound up ordering 2 burgers with GF buns and 2 burgers with no buns. I did cut mine in half so Hubby and I could do half a burger with a bun each. The buns were really good, not too dense or thick so we enjoyed what we had.

I ordered the roasted garlic burger and it was yummy, too much for me to eat at lunch but that's another story. We did enjoy ourselves and will probably go back the next time we're in Portland. Deschutes Brewery is located at 210 NW 11th Ave in Portland, OR.

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