Monday, April 19, 2010

New Cascadia Traditional - Gluten Free Bakery in Portland

I have a lot of reviews to post and there won't be much for recipes because I'm on a diet for the time being and the meals I get aren't very exciting. Don't get me wrong I love eating fruits and vegetables but without sauces involed there's really not a recipe to post. The family is getting our standard dinner options and those are all posted here so please bear with me.

This review is the one I'm most excited to post from our vacation to Portland, OR. I'm very good at making people check out gluten free options with me when I'm in a new area and I'm so glad we made the trek to New Cascadia Traditional. How many 100% gluten free bakeries do I get to see? None except for this one! When we walked in the door I told my boy that he could have anything in here and he gets to pick what he wants. My excited 3 year old passed up delicious looking cupcakes to get a cookie. It made him happy and was soft and delicious so why not?

These are the treats from our first visit, yes that means there was a second visit. Hubby picked the white cake with raspberry filling and an oatmeal raisin cookie. My boy chose a chocolate chip hazelnut cookie, my girl chose the cupcake, and I chose the sticky bun. My favorite was their cake, it's so moist and so delicious. No hint of GF there plus their icing is fantastic.

I almost forgot about their bread from all the goodies that caught my eye but once I saw it I knew I needed a couple loaves. I picked up their sourdough and cheddar bread. They tasted really good but are still GF bread so on the dense side.
Our last day in Portland Hubby wanted to go back for more of the cake but unfortunately they didn't have it. We should have called ahead and ordered one. Our "compromise" was these two delicious cupcakes and of course more cookies for the boy.

On top of what we got they also offer bagels, pizza crusts (including pizza you can buy there to eat), challah, and tart amongst other things. I must say that their prices were also great, I expected to pay quite a bit for what we got but it was surprisingly cheap, can't beat that!

This bakery is very well worth the drive downtown to pick out your favorite treat and it will be a new must when we're in the area. They are located at 1700 SE 6th Ave in Portland, OR.


  1. Glad your trip was so wonderful, those look great!

    Just realized today that i bookmarked this blog three weeks before the playdate at the childrens museum! (MacKenzie and I came)

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL blog, it has been of SUPER help for us , especially on the Trix being good!!!!

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm glad you found this, I was going to send you the link after we met up and then I spaced it. Things have been crazy lately!

  3. I'm glad you liked your visit to our bakery. I look forward to seeing you on your next trip. cheers, Teresa

  4. Hi Teresa! Your bakery is fantastic and a big thank you from my whole family for the delicious options.