Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Bread Fail

Even though I'm still on my diet I saw this recipe from The Baking Beauties awhile back and figured I'd give it a try, not only could we have some yummy bread but I could also post something, a double win! Sunday afternoon I whipped this together while the kids were napping and then I lost track while it was rising to find it overflowing my bread pan. No panic yet I just started baking it instead. It didn't turn out, see....

Obviously it's not the prettiest loaf in the world but a pinch of it tasted good so I thought maybe I could salvage it and tried to get it out of the loaf. Here's the result of that.

Even less pretty. The kids and I kept eating crumbs here and there and I decided I'd be resourceful since it did taste good so I made overnight French toast with it. Why can't the overnight French toast pictures every look appetizing? That was delicious and it didn't matter how unattractive this loaf was afterall.

I'll give it a try later but my weekends are busy with travel and guests for awhile so it wont' be any time soon.

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