Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glutenfreeda's Real Cookies

The week my dad was helping Hubby drywall our basement I tried to feed the men well and offer them treats in the evenings. I also needed to free up some space in my freezer since things have been overloaded ever since we bought a quarter of a bison. It’s worth the sacrifice. I had forgotten I had these Glutenfreeda Real Cookies in our freezer and they are so very easy to whip up because all you do is place the frozen cookie dough on a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven. Yes, gluten free can be easy too!

We all like these cookies, even the gluten eaters I’ve shared them with. I like the taste of the Chip Chip Hooray! chocolate chip cookies much better than Betty Crocker’s GF Chocolate Chip cookies so if you need ease I would go here first. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is that they have walnuts in them, I’ll still eat them but I believe nuts have no business being involved with sweets at all, well most the time anyways.

My favorite so far are the Chocolate Minty Python cookies, sorry I don’t have a picture of the container. No nuts in these and they are very chocolaty. You can buy Glutenfreeda’s Real Cookies at the Co-op and Rosauer’s Huckleberry Market.

ETA: You can check out this site for retailers in Montana. Bozeman, Great Falls, Whitefish, Hamilton, Billings, Livingston, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula all have locations.

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