Wednesday, July 1, 2009

S'Better Corn Dogs

I’ve been in a cooking slump, I’m tired of the same recipes but I have no desire to try anything new. As we approached dinner and I didn’t have any idea what to make I remembered the box of S’Better Corn Dogs that I had in the freezer. I love corndogs, well I would just love the cornbread on a stick but I have yet to find that anywhere, so when I saw these I figured they were worth a try. We baked them in the oven and sat down for corndogs and fruit. The corn bread was great, it had a wonderful texture and it did not fall apart at all. I wasn’t too crazy about the hot dog inside but my son ate almost the whole thing and hubby stated they were the best corndogs he’s ever had, even better than any gluten filled corndogs. So there you have it, if you’re craving a gluten free corndog you have an option. I have only found these at Oak St. Natural Market.

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