Friday, June 26, 2009

Bard's Beer in Belgrade

I had to do my weekly grocery shopping last night and we were out of Redbridge gluten free beer. We don’t really care for the taste of Redbridge but it’s the cheapest GF beer out there so we use it for marinating steak and making beer bread. If you’re someone that likes Budweiser type beers then you’ll probably be very happy with Redbridge, we are more of dark beer people so it’s a bit bland for us. I went to Lee & Dad’s IGA and I happily saw sitting next to the Redbridge our most favorite GF beer that so far we have only been able to get in Missoula at The Good Food Store. Yes I’m talking about Bard’s Beer. I was so happy and surprised, I haven’t seen this anywhere else in Bozeman. Bard’s isn’t dark but it has a good flavor even though it’s a tad bit on the hoppy side, not a strong hoppy taste but it’s there. I commented to my checker that I was really happy to see them carrying this beer along with all of the other great GF products they have and she informed me that the woman that orders their beer and organic items is Celiac. I knew there had to be someone with Celiac tied to that store, why else would they have so many great options? To add to it the woman behind me asked me about the beer because she is also on a gluten free diet, it just goes to show there are more of us than we realize. I did also find the Betty Crocker GF mixes, they were about 20 cents more than at Albertsons.

L&D’s also carries two of the Green’s GF beers, I believe it’s Discovery and Quest but I’m not positive. I like the Green’s beers, they have a little bit of a fruity undertone to them. If you look for them at L&D’s you’ll find them next to the deli, they are not in the beer aisle. The Co-op carries all three of the Green’s beers that are available in North America and they also carry Toleration which is another one of our favorites but since it’s imported it’s also the most expensive.
Sorry the picture is cut off, it's the best I could find.

Of course everyone’s taste in beer is different so if you like beer give them a try and see which one suits you the best. If you find one you don’t really care for that’s always a good excuse to make beer bread, marinate a steak, or kill slugs in your garden.

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