Monday, June 15, 2009

Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers

If you’re a parent of a gluten free child you’ve probably wished someone made a gluten free goldfish cracker, I know I do! When we first had our boy go gluten free he came home from day care asking me for goldfish crackers, I’m sure all of his buddies had goldfish for a snack and he was stuck with the GF snacks I’d sent with him. I try to make food as normal for him as possible so I purchased some gold fish cookie cutters and hoped his giant (well about 3x as big as normal) goldfish would make up for his loss. This was our first try at gluten free goldfish crackers and they turned out OK but they are not perfected. A little too salty for me, after a couple I'm done. I have some ideas on how to tweak the recipe and once it’s perfected I’ll post the recipe, in the mean time you can enjoy some pictures.

Look at how happy he is.

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