Friday, December 4, 2009

Biga Pizza Missoula, MT Review

A couple weeks ago DH and I journeyed to Spokane to see my favorite band, Built to Spill, play at the Knitting Factory. On our way we stayed in Missoula and stopped by Biga Pizza to try out their GF pizza crust. When I initially found out about Biga Pizza I e-mailed them to ask about cross contamination and here’s the post with their response. Hubby had called to reserve us a crust (recommended by the owner) and we hungrily sat down looking forward to some GF pizza. First off I really liked the restaurant, it has a great local feel to it and we sat at the counter and were able to watch them make all of the pizzas and bake them in the oven. This was nice because I was able to keep an eye on their methods to avoid cross contamination and I was pleased with the process. Hubby and I ordered the Flathead Cherry (house made spicy Italian sausage, cherry chutney, smoked gouda, mozzarella, garlic oil & parsley) and it was awesome. I could have eaten that whole pizza myself. The crust was also fantastic, crisp and not chewy at all. This is by far the best GF pizza we’ve had at a restaurant and probably that we’ve had period.

The pictures don't do it justice since they're from my phone.

The crust used is by Sis’s Kitchen, it’s a rice crust and you can buy it frozen at The Good Food Store. I made it at home several months ago and it wasn’t as good as Biga Pizza’s but I think using my BEST pizza process it would be very close.

I highly recommend Biga Pizza, it’s going to be our new regular stop when we’re visiting family. I can hardly wait to go back in February. They’re located at 241 West Main Street and here’s the phone number to call ahead to reserve your GF crust, (406) 728-2579.
Next week I'll have GF reviews in Spokane.

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