Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gluten Free Beer in Helena & Bake Sale Review

Hubby’s GF Aunt lives in Helena and has shared some gluten free beer information with me. Van’s Thriftway (306 Euclid Ave. 406-442-8645) carries Redbridge and Topper’s Cellar (1221 Helena Ave. 406-442-9357) carries Bards and Redbridge. Sounds like a great excuse to make some beer bread to me.

We made it to the GF Bake Sale on Saturday and it wasn’t what I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high but I was really disappointed and not just by the selection. There were 3 types of cookies and some bread crumbs so the selection wasn’t fantastic but that’s not what put me off. I walked in with my kids and had promised my boy that he could get a treat. We’d just left the doctor’s office with a diagnosis of an ear infection so he wasn’t feeling too good. We went over to the bake sale area and no one there really seemed interested in paying us any attention. I did get two cookies for my boy and one cookie for my girl but after I paid that was all the attention we got. No mention about the drawing nor the Montana Celiac Society. I guess I expected them to be more open and offering of information rather than leave it all to me to open up the communication. I didn’t open up the communication at all and I also didn’t give them the cookies I had made and packaged for them to sell. It was a big disappointment. Did anyone else make it to the bake sale and if so what did you think?


  1. Hello Cindy,

    Though my mom cannot process gluten, both my brother and I can. I haven't heard of a GF bake sale and it sounds like a good idea. It likely wasn't advertised very much.

    I'm attempting to hold a bake sale for my computer club. However, there were not very many resources available for health information.

    I have had a really hard time getting through to the county health department. When I got through and asked "What sort of license or information do I need to posses in order to hold a bake sale?" All I got was a "Are you licensed to do business in Helena" and a glorified "I don't know" with no direction on who *might* know. I personally find this dubious.

    I found your blog by trying to research how to have a bake sale in Helena. I feel for anyone who tries to do such a simple task.

    I would give a GF bake sale a few more chances. It sounds like it was lead by a passionate, but not consistent, individual. Could you give me her contact information so I can try to figure out how to hold a bake sale in Helena?

    My contact is SaintMeh@gmail.com

  2. I don't have the contact information for the person in charge of the GF bake sale. I don't know what the requirements are in Helena but in Gallatin County the information I could find is in this link.


    I would try your health department again and hope to get someone that has more information. It may be that there aren't any requlations if the bake sale is private. If you plan to hold it at a store, like a grocer, check with them and see if they are aware of any regulations.