Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Box Pies Bakery & Cafe Spokane, WA

On our pre-Thanksgiving trip our first stop in Spokane was White Box Pies Bakery & Café. We arrived a little before they opened and I was so excited to see their digital sign mentioning gluten free items. It really doesn’t take much to get me excited if you haven’t noticed. We planned to eat lunch and pick up some treats for us to enjoy and to send some with my dad since my parents were watching the kids. They have a GF menu where you order from and be sure to specify that you are wanting the GF option. They listed all of the sides that were GF (potato salad, broccoli raisin salad, cucumber & tomato chopped salad), the soup that day was GF, and a great list of lunch items. I had a hard time deciding between the BLT and French dip but I opted for the BLT and it was fantastic. For my side I had the broccoli raisin salad and I was filled to the brim after that meal. Hubby had the Triple Decker and after eating that sandwich he could barely get his potato salad down. The GF bread was really good, a little flaky but not dense and too thick like some GF breads can be. I highly recommend their lunches.

After ordering our GF lunches I then feasted my eyes on their GF baked goods. This was such a nice sight to see, I hope you can see the labels with Gluten Free on them. If not here are the goodies on the top shelf starting from the left. GF Pecan Torte, GF Pumpkin Sour Cream Torte, and GF Huckleberry Cheesecake Bars.
In this picture we have, starting from the left, GF Pecan Pie, GF Peach Pie, GF Pumpkin Pie, GF Blackberry Cobbler, and GF Cream Puffs.

What I chose was the cream puffs, blackberry cobbler, and huckleberry cheesecake bar. I don’t think you can wrong on any options there. The cream puffs were fantastic, I would have never known they were GF and it was so nice to eat one. My favorite was the blackberry cobbler and Hubby preferred the huckleberry cheesecake bar. Both of these seemed to have a sugar cookie flavored base and all I could think of when I was eating them was how on earth can I duplicate these. Bottom line is nothing was bad and this is a GF heaven. They also offer GF chicken pot pie and quiche.
My boy enjoyed the cream puffs.
Blackberry cobbler on the left and huckleberry cheesecake bar on the right.

White Box Pies is located at 28 E Sharp Ave in Spokane. Their hours are 9-6 M-F and 11-4 Saturday.

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