Thursday, December 10, 2009

PF Chang's Spokane, WA Review

Our second GF meal in Spokane was at PF Chang’s. I miss Chinese food so I was looking forward to trying PF Changs. The atmosphere is “fancier” than the Chinese restaurants I’m used to but it was a nice place and the waitress was fantastic with taking care of our GF needs. We started off with the Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps because I’ve read great reviews about them online. They were really good and Hubby was much more impressed with them than he expected.

For the main dish I had Chang’s Spicy Chicken. I really liked it and definitely noticed that the GF versions aren't near as greasy and fatty as the gluten filled versions. Well at least in comparison to the Chinese restaurants I used to eat at. It had a nice kick to it.

Hubby had Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken and I’m not a big lemon fan but this was delicious. He liked it better than my dish which was surprising since he originally was going to order my dish.

They offer a GF dessert but we were stuffed and ready to get out of there. I think my only complaint, and it’s pretty minor, is that it took forever for us to get out of there. We were a bit on the anxious side so I’m sure it seemed longer than it really was. PF Chang’s is located at 801 W Main in Spokane.

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